2009 & Prior Conferences & Residencies

Conferences and Residencies
IMPACT 6 Conference, Bristol, 2009 Surimono International
Southern Graphics Council International, Richmond, 2008 www.aprilvollmer.com/sgc2008
Impact 5 Conference,Tallin, Estonia, 2007 www.aprilvollmer.com/impact5
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, VA, 2006 www.aprilvollmer.com/vcca06
Impact 4 Conference, Berlin/Poznan, 2005  www.aprilvollmer.com/berlin05/
Nagasawa Art Park Residency, Japan, 2004  www.aprilvollmer.com/japan/
13th Annual Fine Arts Assembly, in Visegrad, Bosnia www.aprilvollmer.com/visegrad
Southern Graphics Council, Washington, DC. March ’05: www.aprilvollmer.com/sgcdc/
St Mary’s College Residency, MD, 2004 www.aprilvollmer.com/stmary/
Baren Printmaking Summit, Kansas City, ’03: www.aprilvollmer.com/kansas/
Center for Contemporary Printmaking Monothon, 2002, 2003: www.aprilvollmer.com/monothon

India, three weeks to Buddhist Cave sites: India short Version
Belgrade to Bosnia, a six hour drive www.aprilvollmer.com/travel
Santa Fe Museum of Folk Art, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico, 20005: www.aprilvollmer.com/carol/
Jim Canary, Himalayan Papers, ’03: www.aprilvollmer.com/canary/
Photos of my 2003 berlin trip, things of interest to architects: www.aprilvollmer.com/arch/
Photos of my 2003 berlin trip, everything else: www.aprilvollmer.com/whatisaw/
Sixty things I saw in Italy in 2002: www.aprilvollmer.com/italia/

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April Vollmer is a New York artist who studied mokuhanga after receiving her Master of Fine Arts in printmaking at Hunter College. Her work has been shown widely and she teaches Japanese woodblock regularly at the Lower East Side Printshop. She has participated in many residencies including the Nagasawa Art Park in Japan, and was on the board of the first and second International Mokuhanga Conferences. Her book "Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop" was released in 2015 by Watson-Guptill.