Mokuhanga Resources

Vollmer actively promotes cultural exchange through a study of mokuhanga, Japanese waterbased woodcut. She has taught many classes and given lectures on contemporary mokuhanga. She is on the advisory board of the International Mokuhanga Association.

International Mokuhanga Association meeting Hawaii 2017

The Fifth International Mokuhanga Conference will take place in the papermaking area of Echizen, Japan, from April 4 – 6, 2024
International Mokuhanga Association
International Mokuhanga Conference Youtube Channel

McClain’s Printmaking Supplies
Hiromi Paper International, Culver City, CA
Japanese Paper Place, Toronto, Canada
Paper Connection International, Providence, RI

Laitinen, Kari, Tuula Moilanen, & Antti Tanttu. The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking, Woodblock Printmaking with Oil-based Inks and the Japanese Watercolor Woodcut, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, 1999. (can be purchased at McClain’s)
Salter, Rebecca. Japanese Woodblock Printing. Printmaking Handbooks, London, 2001.
Salter, Rebecca. Japanese Popular Prints. A&C Black, London, 2006.
Yoshida, Toshi and Yuki, Rei. Japanese Print-Making, A Handbook of Traditional & Modern Techniques, Charles Tuttle Co., 1966. (out of print)
Vollmer, April. Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop, Watson-Guptill, 2015


MOKUHANGA CLASSES (selected independent workshops)
-In Japan
MI LAB Artist in Residence Program
Karuizawa Mokuhanga School
– In the US
Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Frogman’s Print Workshops
Zia Mays Printmaking
-More resources and information
McClain’s Printmaking Supplies Resource Index
Mokuhanga Sisters Collaborative

Past Conferences and Classes

The Fourth International Mokuhanga Conference, Nara and online with documentation on the International Mokuhanga Conference Youtube channel
December 1-3, 2021

Southern Graphics Council International, Madison, WI
March 16-19, 2022 – Our Shared Future

Southern Graphics Council International, Las Vegas, Nevada
April 4 to 7, 2018 – Altered Landscapes
Themed Portfolio of woodcuts:  Sustained Ingrain from East To West

IMPACT 9, ENCUENTRO Santander, Spain
September 1 to 9, 2018

The Third International Mokuhanga Conference (IMC2017) Hawaii
U. Manoa, Honalulu and Donkey Mill Art Center
September 28 to October 1, 2017
Photos of the conference, with ninety-nine participants from sixteen countries are here.

The First International Mokuhanga Conference (IMC2011)
Kyoto and Awaji, Japan

the First Internatinoal Mokuhanga Conference
the First International Mokuhanga Conference













2016 Morgan Conservatory Class, Talk and Book Signing

A converted machine shop dedicated to handmade paper, growing kozo fiber to make paper in addition to a busy class and exhibition schedule.

Photos of my mokuhanga class and talk are here.

The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio
August 27 and 28, 2016
A two day mokuhanga class, evening talk, and book signing Friday, August 26

2016 MakingArtSafely, Santa Fe, NM

Two Times Two, 1998, mokuhanga woodcut, 37 x 17 inches
Two Times Two, 1998, mokuhanga woodcut, 37 x 17 inches

July 11 to 15, 2016

This intensive week long class begins following Santa Fe’s famous International Folk Art Market, July 8 9 and 10, so come a little early to enjoy this world renowned festival. The class takes place in Santa Fe at the studios of Making Art Safely, devoted to promoting environmentally friendly printmaking.

Each participant will create an edition of multi-colored prints on handmade paper to learn about this flexible, non-toxic method. Each day a different aspect of Japanese woodblock will be presented, including tools and sharpening, the kento registration system, pigments and ink, printing with a baren, Japanese paper, and specialized printing techniques such as goma and bokashi. While a knowledge of printmaking basics will be helpful, this class should be rewarding to beginners as well as more advanced printmakers.

2012 The Farnsworth Museum, Rockland, Maine

Winter Solstice, 2009, mokuhanga woodcut, 26 x 26 inches

August 16-19, 2012
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Farnsworth Museum Class information

Introduction to traditional Japanese woodblock printing. Each person will cut and print an edition of color prints to learn about this non-toxic technique. Mokuhanga provides precise registration and great control over color. We will cut blocks during the first half of class and print during the second half. Each class will begin with a discussion of a different aspect of Japanese woodblock.
Class limited to 12 students
Cost: $318 members, $366 nonmembers (includes $30 materials fee)
Location: Gamble Education Center
Materials List: provided upon registration