International Art Assembly, Visegrad
September 09th 2012

moths from my last trip to Bosnia

This print shows the moths with eyes that I found at the monastery on my last visit.


The International Art Assembly in Visegrad, Republika Srpska, is distinctive for including a group of international printmakers. The residency, held each August, is one of main cultural events for the Visegrad region. A group of established printmakers from around the world are invited for this program to work in a variety of techniques and to demonstrate their approaches to one another and the general public. This printmaking workshop has become a wide-reaching opportunity to exchange ideas and to has grown into a significant contribution to the artistic, cultural and educational stimulation of the region, as it popularizes media and ideas that are new to this part of the world. Local television stations and newspapers record the process through film and interviews that are intended to heighten public awareness. The efforts of the printmakers are deeply appreciated by the people of the region.

In addition to the workshop events, an exhibition of works made during the Assembly is presented in October in the City Gallery, Visegrad, along with a full-color catalogue of participants, their work, and a critical essay. Additional efforts have included traveling exhibitions in galleries in towns throughout Republika Serbska and Serbia and Montenegro.

I am grateful to the organizers for their invitation to Repubika Serpska, Bosnia, which faces such difficult environmental, political and religious issues after the ethnic wars of the 1990s. It was a thought provoking visit, made significant for me by the strong connections I made with my fellow printmakers.

 Photos from Visegrad

Printmaking Participants
Belgium: Dragana Franssen Bojić
Denmark: Inger Lise Rasmussen, Ann-Dorte Nielsen, Bodil Sohn
Serbia: Biljana Vukovic, Ivana Stankovic
USA: April Vollmer, Susan Provost-Dubois

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