26 x 26 inch woodblock

Book: Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop to be released August 4, 2015book cover

Three years in the writing, a lifetime in the making, Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop, A Modern Guide to an Ancient Art, by April Vollmer, is being published by Watson-Guptill. A comprehensive handbook of materials, techniques and resources the book is intended to make this waterbased technique accessible to contemporary artists.

Press Release–Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop

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Volume 23, Numbers 1 & 2, 2015
The Global Print: practice, platform, and
international springboard
 vollmer Crossing woodblock


Art in Print Blackout Announcement

I was pleased to see an announcement of the publication of my edition “Blackout” in Art in Print.

Blackout woodcut print

print made from two blocks, the fern printed multiple times











Grabado y Edición is a bi-lingual Spanish/English review of new ideas in printmaking. This month’s edition includes my article on the history of mokuhanga, Japanese woodblock printing. It begins with an historical overview of the use of the technique from ukioyo-e prints of the 18th Century through the sosaku individualist printmakers of the early 20th Century and ends with a discussion of the wide range of international contemporary artists who recognize the technique for its flexibility. It is illustrated with woodblock prints by Katie Baldwin, Mike Lyon, Michael Schneider, and myself.
For a pdf of this seven page article: GrabadoMokuhangaRenaissance
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Art in Print: My article, Mokuhanga International, has been published in Art in Print, Volume 2, Number 2. The article is a review of the current state of mokuhanga, Japanese woodblock technique, in contemporary art outside Japan. It includes a brief overview of the history starting with the famous Edo period ukiy0-e prints, through the eclipse of the technique during the 20th century, and then the current renewal of interest in the technique for creative artists.

A PDF of the article can be seen here: ArtinPrintVol2MokuhangaInternationalArticle

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The Age of the Artist: A Practical Guide for Making a Career Out of Making Art in the 21st Century (chapter) by Margaret Peot, North Light Books, 2010

Mokuhanga – Japanese Woodblock Printing
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Roman Fugu DNA Edition: hanga woodcut

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