Art Links

Mokuhanga and Printmaking Resources
McClain’s printmaking supply, specializing in Japanese woodblock supplies
Hiromi Paper International, Santa Monica, CA
Japanese Paper Place, Toronto, Canada
Washi Arts, Oregon
Paper Connection International, Rhode Island
Lower East Side Printshop
Print Alliance, a non-profit consortium of printmakers’ councils
Boston Printmakers, great organization of printmakers

1956 video of Hasui Kawase carving

Artist Resources
Video: Dempsey Rice, documentary filmmaker who works with artists
Creative Capital Internet Wiki, summary of Internet for Artists workshop
Creative Commons, alternative copyrights
Alliance of Artist Communities, with information about many residencies
New York Foundation for the Arts

Artists Websites
Takuji Hamanaka, master printer Takuji Hamanaka : Woodblock Printmaker
Bridget Henry, oil base woodcuts  Bridget Henry
Daniel Heyman, artist Daniel Heyman
Karen Kunc, oil based woodcuts
Hilary Lorenz, printmaker and woodcut artist
Mike Lyon, master of technique and technology