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Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop by April Vollmer
An inspirational how-to course on Japanese woodblock printing’s history and techniques, with guidance on materials and studio practices, step-by-step demonstrations, and examples of finished works by modern masters of the medium as well as historic pieces.

An increasingly popular yet age-old art form, Japanese woodblock printing (mokuhanga) is embraced for its non-toxic character, use of handmade materials, and easy integration with other printmaking techniques. In this comprehensive guide, artist and printmaker April Vollmer–one of the best known Japanese woodblock printing practitioners and instructors in the West–combines her deep knowledge of the historic printmaking practice with expert instruction and presents a collection of diverse and gorgeous prints by leading contemporary artists in the medium, as well as her own work. At once practical and inspirational, this handbook is as useful to serious printmakers and artists as it is to creative types who are drawn to Japanese history and aesthetics and are looking to experiment in other media.

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Cedar Waxwing, 1996, 4 x 6 inch woodblock print $50.00
a hungry bird eating mountain ash berries

Saint Peter’s Vent, 2009, 4 x 6 inch woodblock print $50.00

based on a ventilation grille at Saint Peter’s Cathedral in London

Checkered, 1999, 6 x 6 inch woodblock print $50.00
based on a Roman mosaic pattern



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