Friends and Family

Photos: Personal/Friends 2002 to 2006
Tom and June’s 19th Annual Oktoberfest, 2006:
Celebrating twenty years, 2006:
Robert’s 40 Birthday, June, 2005:
Secret Santa, 2004:
Rebbie and Creighton get married:
Chuck and Emilia’s Mayfest, 2004:
Tom’s Church:
April’s 2003 Revue:
Holiday Party at 1 Union Square, 2003:
Matthew DeSantis’s trip to America, including Renathe’s Crawfish Party:
Party in our new office before the move, 2003:
Fabulous party at 1 Union Square, 2002:
Tom and June’s 15th Annual Oktoberfest, 2002:
Mark and Kyra’s Wedding in beautiful Anderson Valley, 2002:
Holiday party, 2002:
A trip to Spring Hill Farm, 2002:
Sophie’s Night Out, 2002 or Jennifer & Igor Get Committed:
My visit to the DiSanto’s, what I saw in Princeton:
My trip North, a visit to Aunt Shirley, Alex and Michelle, Debbie and Lucky, 2002